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Stay Fit and Committed by Finding an Activity You Enjoy

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

When you think about it, there are so many options to choose from when you are thinking about moving your body, experiencing the high of physical fitness, and working on sharpening your skills. From an intense game of hacky sack to an incredible slow-motion game of underwater hockey, you are bound to find the activity to float puck.

Individual Gains

Whether you are on a team sport or a very focused session of the aggressive running found in Parkour, it all comes down to individual gains. You can't train for your teammates; you can only set goals for yourself and decide on the amount of focus and dedication you'll give to work toward those goals. If you find yourself gravitating to the team sports of one, here are some suggestions for you, yourself, and yours:

  • Archery: Many school districts are taking aim and targeting this activity, and you can usually find a club within your middle or high school. There are also ranges where you can take lessons, practice, and find your personal Robin Hood deep inside.

  • Golf: Known as the sport you can play for life, golf is more than quiet clapping on the sidelines. It's a game for young and old alike. As you hone the game, you'll learn the values of honesty, patience, and the ability to control the controllables and forget the rest.

  • Skiing: So many options for this individual activity. Water, downhill, and cross-country all provide their take on utilizing water in all its forms and on all terrain. Plus, if you live in the right area, you can seamlessly transition from summer water-skiing to winter downhill and cross-country skiing for the win.

Go Team!

As you are sure to guess, we are suckers for a good team sport. While you get all of the individual gain opportunities, you also get the sweet benefits of learning to work together to achieve your goal. Plus, the built-in community and camaraderie of being part of a team, even as a water or ball boy (tooootally, not speaking from experience here.), can't be beaten.

  • Basketball: The sneaker squeaks are reverberating off the gym walls, the steady rhythm of the bounce of the ball, and the whistle that may get sounded too often, or not often enough, depending on who you ask--that's basketball. As you can guess, we see all the benefits of playing basketball. So are the benefits of strategizing to get that make, understanding and capitalizing on individual strengths, celebrating a win, and learning from the loss.

  • Lacrosse: If you're searching for a place to use a long stick with the opportunity to cradle a ball in a small net, you've found your home in lacrosse. Don't be fooled by this sport--it's way more physical and personal bubble-invading than you might think. But, it's always, always fun to play and watch.

  • Fútbol, a.k.a. Soccer for you Yanks: From a dirt street to the Allianz Stadium, Ultras are found wherever a black and white ball can shoot into a goal, makeshift, or otherwise. With this sport, you'll learn to do things with your legs, chest, and head that will amaze and delight you. But don't forget the shin guards. Trust us on this one.

It's extremely valuable to play various team and individual sports as you find your favorites and see what your amazing body can do. If you find one that you just can't live without, you'll benefit in the most extraordinary ways.

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